Jack Maple

I’ve been having some success with my home brewing of late. You remember my blackberry wine. This year I made cider from wild apples. From that, I made some apple jack, which was surprisingly delicious.

After my visit to a maple house in the US, I’ve been wondering why people don’t make booze from maple sap. I looked around for ages without much luck, but I’ve found that some people make what is called sap wine. They reduce the sap down to 25% sugar, then add yeast and let it ferment. I reckon it’d be pretty tasty.  But it had me thinking, I wonder if you could concentrate that wine, with the same methods as apple jack. Surely you could freeze the sap wine, removing the ice until you had a liquid that was concentrated in both flavour and alcohol content.

I thought it would be fun to call such liquor Jack Maple. Jack Maple was a Deputy Commissioner in the New York City Police Department. He was quite infamous, and inspired the television series The District. His character is described as honest, stern and brazen. I’d love to make a liquor that could be described in that way.

I have a vision of tapping the sap at the beginning of spring, reducing it, then slowly fermenting it. I could rack it over the summer, then freeze it outside the following winter. And age the finished product in casks. I could use New York maple sap and produce an iconic drink. What do you think, do you think that sounds like a good idea? I do. Perhaps I’ll fall in love with a New Yorker and move upstate to a maple grove.

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