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Autumnal fruit slice

I love it when a plan for leftovers works out this well. We had a great selection of autumn fruit in the bowl needing to be used. There were quinces from Moyston’s wild quince tree; pears from the farm’s orchard; … Continue reading

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Crazy spot cake

I made a very fun cake to celebrate the inaugural Canberra Comedy Festival a few years back. I did it for fun; it was a great opportunity to play with cake designs that I wouldn’t develop otherwise. It matched the … Continue reading

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Lime and passionfruit meringue pie

I recently went to the Grampians Grape Escape with a very dear friend of mine where we bought the most delicious miniature lemon meringue pies made by Lush Desserts. The stall is there every year. Every year they are just … Continue reading

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Strawberry mousse

I picked so many strawberries from Pop’s berry patch this season that it’s ridiculous. We’ve had loads of wonderful bowls of fresh strawberries and cream or ice cream for dessert. I’ve made two batches of strawberry and vanilla jam, and … Continue reading

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Duck egg brulee

On a recent trip to visit family in Rocky Cape (NW Tasmania), I was stoked to see a roadside sign advertising duck eggs. I made Pop do a U-turn so I could buy some. I retrieved a dozen from the … Continue reading

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Homemade honey caramel sauce

This is a great sauce. There are a range of reasons why people like to lower the cane sugar in their diets. I happen to just really like the taste of honey. There’s a range of dishes this would be … Continue reading

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Fig puddings with honey caramel sauce

My grandpa had some of last season’s figs in the freezer all mashed up. I was watching the new season figs closely, drooling for the day they would ripen. I realised I could bring the two together in a wonderful … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s apricots bottled in spiced honey syrup

I never liked apricots growing up. That is, until my Grandpa gave me some from his garden. They were a revelation. Ever since, I’ve been keen on his apricots, but I can count the number of times I’ve bought apricots … Continue reading

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Plum and ginger crumble

Nan came home from church last week with a big bowl of plums. “I bought you a present” she said. People often bring things like that from their garden when they have excess and Nan knows how I love home … Continue reading

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Banana cupcakes with cinnamon mascarpone frosting and salted walnut toffee

Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I think this little invention is sheer genius. My Nan and I were at our local farmgate the other day when I spotted some very ripe bananas for 99 cents a kilo. We … Continue reading

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