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Blackberry leaf tea

When I first started foraging, I was on the look out for all sorts of things I could do with the goodies I picked. I was staying with my grandparents in Tasmania, and was tending Pop’s berry patch. He had … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Juice

In the world of witchcraft and wizardry, pumpkin juice seems to fill the same role orange juice does in the muggle world. It is served at breakfast, lunch, a feast or any other occasion. In the Chamber of Secrets, when … Continue reading

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From wild apples to cider and apple jack

A while back I posted my recipe for wild apple jelly with mint and rosemary. Well that trip was quite an outing, and really epitomises why I love foraging. I had in fact been out picking wild apples because I’d … Continue reading

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Jack Maple

I’ve been having some success with my home brewing of late. You remember my blackberry wine. This year I made cider from wild apples. From that, I made some apple jack, which was surprisingly delicious. After my visit to a … Continue reading

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Blood orange cordial

It was such a wonderful surprise to find a large box of Redbelly Citrus blood oranges on my doorstep last week. I do love blood oranges. I find them richer in flavour than other oranges, and what’s not to love … Continue reading

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Making green almond liqueur

I love that my step-mum keeps an eye out for unusual ingredients for me to cook with. I was stoked to receive a bag of green almonds. I’d never had them before. It’s fascinating to see the unformed nut inside, … Continue reading

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Wild blackberry wine

I have wanted to make blackberry wine for years. Last summer, when I started foraging foods around Tasmania, I waited and waited for the blackberries and then went crazy with them. It was great. I made blackberry pie, blackberry cordial, … Continue reading

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I’ve begun a journey creating food from my favourite children’s literature. With a little inspiration from my friend over at Passionate Life Kitchen, I’m calling this journey:  From pages to plate. Today I tried my hand at butterbeer. Butterbeer is … Continue reading

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