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Gewurzhaus in Canberra is NOW OPEN!

Throngs of customers swooped on the Canberra Centre today to be the first buy in the new ‘lifestyle’ precinct of what is now dubbed the ‘Monaro Precinct’ but others know as the ‘old Canberra Centre’. The new section contains some … Continue reading

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$100 Christmas challenge at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Imagine my excitement to be offered a chance to participate in a $100 Christmas challenge at my beloved Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra! Sometimes people think that shopping at the market is too expensive. Well, I normally spend $50 per … Continue reading

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Parsley ravioli filled with fish and capers

It can be hard to source really fresh fish in Canberra from trustworthy sources. My favourite place to get fish is from Narooma Seafood Direct at the Capital Region Farmers Market. Narooma Seafood is a family business. Vicki and Hayley … Continue reading

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Mid winter magic – hunting for truffles

I have wanted to go on a truffle hunt for years. I didn’t know much about truffles before moving to Canberra, but their heady scent soon pulled me in. I am now incredibly proud of the Canberra region truffle industry. … Continue reading

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Mushroom and chestnut soup with crisp toppings

Did you know there are two mushroom farms on the doorstep of the ACT? Majestic Mushrooms of Murrumbateman and Canberra Mushrooms of Yass are both farmed within 50 kilometres of Canberra. In terms of food miles, that’s pretty damn good. … Continue reading

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Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers is selling something wild

  Eat more weeds. Perhaps we should all eat more weeds. I’ve been loving how much tasty food there is for the forager here in Tasmania. I remember my Grandma telling me about this thing or that when I was … Continue reading

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Wild fennel and lemon ‘pesto’

I was very excited when I saw fennel in flower on the side of the road when we drove south to Hobart. It’s everywhere! If it wasn’t in flower, I wouldn’t have realised that’s what it was: the leaves are … Continue reading

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Australia Day at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m a bit of a nut for farmers markets. Coming from a Tasmania family, I follow and really appreciate Tasmanian produce. I’ve always loved Salamanca Market, but it’s not a food market. I have … Continue reading

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Turners Beach Berry Patch

Nan’s been dying to take me to the Turners Beach Berry Patch ever since she saw punnets of their exquisite looking strawberries for sale at the Burnie Farmers Market. It wasn’t a sudden onset thing, she’d been talking about it … Continue reading

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Babysitting Pop’s Berry Patch

I think there is no better smell than the strawberry patch in the sunshine. And a billy of raspberries never smells better than when it’s warm from the afternoon sun. These are grand statements I know. Feel free to offer … Continue reading

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