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Pineapple fried rice

I often feel like eating Thai food as the weather warms up. Australian pineapples are coming into season, and I’ve found myself with enough of a hankering to buy them fresh. Of course a properly ripe pineapple is delicious as … Continue reading

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Pulled beef tacos with pickled beetroot

I’ve had some success with naturally fermented food and am learning loads about how ridiculously nutritious they are. It’s the lactobacillus bacteria that are wonderful for your digestive system. With my overall health not great, I’ve decided to do my … Continue reading

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Great Southern Land Fried Chicken

The U.S. Embassy in Canberra threw a hell of a party for the 4th of July this year. They bought an amazing chef to town to cook up a southern feast. Tory McPhail is the Executive Chef at the iconic … Continue reading

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Mushroom and chestnut soup with crisp toppings

Did you know there are two mushroom farms on the doorstep of the ACT? Majestic Mushrooms of Murrumbateman and Canberra Mushrooms of Yass are both farmed within 50 kilometres of Canberra. In terms of food miles, that’s pretty damn good. … Continue reading

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Trout and wild fennel paste

I was recently blessed to be given a whole, beautiful and rather large trout that was freshly caught on the west coast of Tasmania. I was stoked about it. I knew I’d get several meals from it. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Nettle and potato frittata

I was very excited to discover my first patch of wild nettles recently. I had been taken for a stroll in some forest near a friend’s house. She assured me she had a good crop of blackberries we could raid … Continue reading

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Quail barbequed with pepperberries

I love cooking quail. People think of it as fancy food, but I happen to think they’re much better cooked and eaten at home so you pick them up with your fingers and not need to worry about the fussiness … Continue reading

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Stuffed zucchini flowers

The Old School Farm have some wonderful big zucchini flowers for sale at the Burnie Farmers Market. My Nan (my current market companion) commented that she hadn’t eaten zucchini flowers, and seemed quite excited by the idea of me preparing … Continue reading

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Mushrooms stuffed with pecorino and thyme

I was very excited to bring home a wedge of proper, sheep’s milk pecorino from Grandvewe Cheeses in Tasmania. It has a wonderful earthy pungency that I thought would be perfect in stuffed mushrooms. I bought some lovely portabello mushrooms from the … Continue reading

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Seriously tasty chicken tacos

This week for Taco Tuesday I pulled some free range chicken thighs and drumsticks out of the freezer and paired them with New Mexico chillis. New Mexico chillis have a fruity, berry flavour. In this weather, they will pair beautifully … Continue reading

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