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Chocolate chestnut brownies

Ever since my favourite pâtissier left the farmers market, I’ve been craving a really good chocolate brownie. I used to always buy mine from Dream Cuisine, and am quite lost without them. One of my favourite things about the winter … Continue reading

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Haw-sin sauce

I don’t know if you’ve seen The Canberra Times today, but I’m in it. I’m pretty excited. Susan Parsons wrote a lovely piece on my foraging for her Kitchen Garden column in Food & Wine. In honour of the occasion … Continue reading

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Lentil, kale and green garlic patties

Shopping seasonally brings me a great number of joys. The sweetest kale in the winter frost, the first spears of asparagus in spring, soft summer peaches and autumnal chestnuts. But with the joy of these first arrivals, comes the pain … Continue reading

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Pulled beef tacos with pickled beetroot

I’ve had some success with naturally fermented food and am learning loads about how ridiculously nutritious they are. It’s the lactobacillus bacteria that are wonderful for your digestive system. With my overall health not great, I’ve decided to do my … Continue reading

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Farro ‘risotto’ with wild mushrooms

I came back from my Whole Larder Love workshop in Daylesford loaded with foodie goodness. During the workshop we went mushrooming, killed and butchered a chicken, and skinned and butchered a rabbit. I stayed on an extra night to explore … Continue reading

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Buckwheat pasta with wild duck, chestnut mushrooms and Meredith Dairy goat cheese

I recently bought a beautiful bag of Bob’s Red Mill wholemeal buckwheat flour. It’s amazing. I made fluffy buckwheat pancakes with it a while back. I wanted to make buckwheat pasta. It was superb, but you can buy the pasta … Continue reading

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Chestnut fettuccine with truffle butter

I was very excited to find a bag of Australian chestnut flour during a recent sneaky trip to The Essential Ingredient. I can get myself into so much trouble in that store, but I’d been wanting some chestnut flour for … Continue reading

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Wild duck cassoulet

This is the second dish in our ‘wild duck week’. A friend of ours gave us some wild ducks, and we decided to celebrate them with a week of duck. It was his idea to make cassoulet, but what an … Continue reading

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Roast quail with truffle

It is the Canberra and Capital Region Truffle Festival again. YAY! It turns out that Canberra’s frosty winters are well suited to growing French Black Truffles. The festival has been running for several years now to celebrate the fruits of … Continue reading

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Absence makes the heart grows fonder

I had a wonderful morning at the Capital Region Farmers Market today. I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I’ve missed two markets in the past month, so maybe it’s true. It was lovely to see … Continue reading

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