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Brown sugar and wattleseed meringues

These little bite sized meringues were a creation I decided on to take to my farewell high tea. I tried my first brown sugar pavlova at the most wonderful office Christmas party last year and have been wanting to give … Continue reading

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Wombat biscuits

On 26 January each year, we celebrate Australia Day. When I was young, the day was not an occasion. It was merely a day off. These days, it is celebrated with much more fervour, despite the debates over the past … Continue reading

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Coat of Arms sliders

Australia Day is fast approaching. This year, rather than cooking up some lamb why not take a cue from the first Australians. Emu and kangaroo meat is very good for you and raising the animals has a much lower environmental … Continue reading

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Fingerlime, tuna and rocket spaghetti

I love having fresh chillies and a string bag of fingerlimes in the freezer. It means I can whip up delicious dishes like this at the drop of a hat. If spaghetti with broad beans, zucchini and herbs is ‘spring … Continue reading

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Yabby claws with kutjera (bush tomatoes) and spaghetti

I read an article the other day, about how Australian chefs weren’t adept at using native ingredients in their kitchens. Although bush foods have had some high profile champions, most notably Kylie Kwong, the article notes that there is still … Continue reading

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Yabby salad with finger lime and pepperberry dressing

This combination is made in heaven, but is also very grounded. For my international readers, yabbies are the native, common freshwater crayfish of Australia. Their meat is dreamily sweet. As a child, we would go hunting them with green nets that resembled the … Continue reading

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Macadamia and wattle seed shortbread

My Nan makes great shortbread. There’s a couple of treats she makes at Christmas time – shortbread and strawberry kisses. This recipe is inspired by her original, but I’ve gone a bit fancy with some native Australian flavours. She uses … Continue reading

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