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Apple, mint and rosemary jelly

For years, I’ve been wanting to pick the fruit of wild apple trees and make cider. I finally found some trees this week and picked over 7kg worth. I juiced the good fruit for the cider. I will make pork … Continue reading

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Sweet potato croquettes with roo tail and native herbs

I like cooking with native ingredients for Australia Day. It gives me pause to reflect on the Traditional Owners of this land, give thanks for their custodianship and recognise their knowledge. I had great success with my first ever batch … Continue reading

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Wild blackberry wine

I have wanted to make blackberry wine for years. Last summer, when I started foraging foods around Tasmania, I waited and waited for the blackberries and then went crazy with them. It was great. I made blackberry pie, blackberry cordial, … Continue reading

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The timeless pick and pickle of wild food

One of the things I’ve loved about foraging and preserving wild foods over the summer has been the timelessness of it. It’s an activity undertaken by generations of people before me. I would love to be better connected to the … Continue reading

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Trout and wild fennel paste

I was recently blessed to be given a whole, beautiful and rather large trout that was freshly caught on the west coast of Tasmania. I was stoked about it. I knew I’d get several meals from it. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Nettle and potato frittata

I was very excited to discover my first patch of wild nettles recently. I had been taken for a stroll in some forest near a friend’s house. She assured me she had a good crop of blackberries we could raid … Continue reading

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Wild blackberry dessert sauce (product description)

This dessert sauce is made simply with wild blackberries (picked by yours truly, of course) and sugar. It’s not too sweet, but just right for pouring over ice cream, pancakes or a warm chocolate brownie. For you added pleasure and … Continue reading

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 I love picking blackberries

Call me crazy, fighting with all those thorny brambles, but I love picking blackberries. Recently, on days when I’ve really had to fight the system, having to put lots of energy in but getting nothing out; I found some kind … Continue reading

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Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers is selling something wild

  Eat more weeds. Perhaps we should all eat more weeds. I’ve been loving how much tasty food there is for the forager here in Tasmania. I remember my Grandma telling me about this thing or that when I was … Continue reading

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Duck egg brulee

On a recent trip to visit family in Rocky Cape (NW Tasmania), I was stoked to see a roadside sign advertising duck eggs. I made Pop do a U-turn so I could buy some. I retrieved a dozen from the … Continue reading

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