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Moroccan chicken and pumpkin soup

I told you about the chicken I killed. Well, my friend killed one too. I helped her pluck it. Like mine, it was a free range organic bird that was kept to lay eggs. Such birds are older than birds … Continue reading

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Roast quail with truffle

It is the Canberra and Capital Region Truffle Festival again. YAY! It turns out that Canberra’s frosty winters are well suited to growing French Black Truffles. The festival has been running for several years now to celebrate the fruits of … Continue reading

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Kill, pluck, eat

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS AND MAY OFFEND SOME READERS For the better part of my life, I’ve thought that if a person wants to benefit from the consumption of an animal, a person needs to be able … Continue reading

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Persimmon, labne and paprika chicken salad

I created this salad to showcase the season’s persimmons and is bursting with amazing produce from the Capital Region Farmers Market. This year is the first time I’ve eaten persimmons and I think they’re fabulous. The colour is amazing! I’ve … Continue reading

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I watched Chocolat again this evening. I enjoyed it so much the first time through I played it again. It’s one of my favourite films. I have 25 DVDs in my collection. If I want a new film, another must … Continue reading

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Chicken and sweet corn soup

I love this soup. My partner doesn’t like sweet corn, so I don’t make it when he’s around. But he’s out of town for a month. With all the fresh corn around, I couldn’t resist making it. Ordinarily I’d use … Continue reading

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Confit duck with black garlic sauce

Who doesn’t love confit duck? I buy a whole bird from Thirlmere (free range) Poultry at the Capital Region Farmers Market relatively regularly. I have come to see that the absolute best thing you can do with the duck legs … Continue reading

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Gong Bao Ji Ding (Kung Pao Chicken)

There has been one dish remaining for me to cook, on my journey of rediscovery of Chinese cooking. When I posted Sichuan supper, I told you of my love of this dish. Gong Bao Ji Ding is a famous dish … Continue reading

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Parmesan crusted duck wings

The wings of the duck are great, but because they’re so hard working, you have to show them some love to bring out their tender best. This week, I toyed with the idea of cooking them confit style with the … Continue reading

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Farmhouse risotto

A week or so back, I simmered a wild rabbit before frying it. It was delicious, and in the post at the time I suggested you hold onto that cooking liquid. It was delicious. Well, I used it again, to … Continue reading

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