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Plum and duck salad

I was waiting in line at the farmers market on Saturday, when I was distracted by a blood plum that was being cut at the neighbouring stall. It looked irrespirable: dark and glossy, and not too sweet. I bought half … Continue reading

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Savoury Peach Melba salad

The peaches are so wonderful at the moment. I wondered if I might make a savoury version of the classic peach and raspberry dish, Peach Melba. I have a truly divine raspberry finishing vinegar from La Barre. I realised bocconcini … Continue reading

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Fragrant crisp duck wings

The recipe for these duck wings is based on the crisp fragrant duck of Sichuan in China. It’s usually used on a whole duck, but I think this is a little bit extravagant. Besides, I have fond memories of the … Continue reading

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Peach and sorrel salad with honey mustard chicken

I picked up a bag of sorrel at Choku Bai Jo last week. It was the first time I’d ever tried the leafy green herb. I quite like it. The leaves are perfectly delicate for use in salads, and I … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with chicken meatballs in roast capsicum sauce

This recipe came together when I made roast capsicum soup. It was so deliciously rich I had to mellow it out with some bread and water. But I only did that to half the batch, because I realised it would … Continue reading

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Salad of honey cured smoked duck breast with orange and walnut

These honey smoked duck breasts were the last of my goodies from the smoking I did last weekend. I have been so looking forward to them. They smelled delicious going into, and coming out of, the smoker. I knew the … Continue reading

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Salad with lemon and rosemary smoked chicken and bocconcini

Ahh, Easter Sunday! We had chocolate eggs in bed this morning. Mine was made from Australian grown cocoa beans, with low food miles. it was gold. I had some lovely Easter SMSs too. We went to Dad’s for lunch yesterday and … Continue reading

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Lemon and rosemary smoked chicken breasts

Our Chief of Staff at work is off getting an operation on her feet. I would have loved to bake her something as a get well gift, but she’s on a very strict diet, so cupcakes are certainly out. It … Continue reading

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