Duck soup with potumpkin (by guest blogger, Sully)

20130801-190932.jpgHi everybody! Special guest blogger Sully here to let you know about wild duck and black bean soup. For this meal you first need to secure a copy of the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup from your local independent record and movie store (not really essential but it is a very funny movie) so you can watch Duck Soup while eating duck soup. The soup itself is very, very easy.

Serves 6

Duck soup

2 cups salted black beans
2 onions
1 duck
500 millilitres chicken stock
1/2 cup chopped celery heart
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 chilli


1 generous nob butter

Start by putting the black beans in some water to soak out the excess salt while you do the rest of the preparation. If you can’t get salted black beans for some reason have some soy sauce on hand to add the saltiness to taste. Your next job is chopping up the onions and placing them in the slow cooker. Plonk the duck on top of the onions. Pour in the chicken stock and set the slow cooker to ‘low’. Drain the black beans and stick them in with the duck. Add water to fill the slow cooker if you don’t have enough stock.

Wait around five hours and have a taste. Add a bunch of sugar to taste. Add soy if it wants salt. If you like, add some chilli to give it a kick. Then chop up and add a modest handful of celery, the tender bits from the middle of the bunch are best. Wait three or so more hours, less if the smell of the soup is driving you crazy and you need to eat it sooner.

Around an hour and a bit before you want to eat chop up the pumpkin and potatoes into small chunks and roast them in the oven. When they are done smash them up together with some butter until you can make scoops of mash (the mash will have little crispy chunks from the roasting which are odd, but tasty).

Pull the duck out and strip the meat from the carcass and shed it into the soup.

Put a scoop of mashed potumpkin in the bottom of each bowl and ladle the soup over the top. Take a moment to prepare yourself for awesomeness then start eating.

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