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Egg fried rice

I spent six months in China and did not see ‘special fried rice’ once. This of course was because I did not travel to the south eat of the country, home of the Cantonese cuisine that is so well know … Continue reading

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Gong Bao Ji Ding (Kung Pao Chicken)

There has been one dish remaining for me to cook, on my journey of rediscovery of Chinese cooking. When I posted Sichuan supper, I told you of my love of this dish. Gong Bao Ji Ding is a famous dish … Continue reading

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Sichuan supper

Several years ago, I undertook a wonderful journey through China. I spent about six months there, studying in the north east, then crossing the country through the middle, to the south west and back again. There’s a new cooking program on SBS … Continue reading

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Well it sure didn’t come out of a can… some tales of a globe trotting ‘travel eater’

Reading my latest Delicious Magazine, I was inspired by an article written by David Prior. The article was about Peru. Discussion of Peru was part of the inspiration for my recent post about potatoes. But what I found most inspiring was his … Continue reading

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