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Making fufu the Congolese way

I have been missing Africa lately. I was overjoyed when a friend of mine bought me some cassava flour; I knew I wanted to use it to make fufu. Fufu is the starch staple of large parts of Africa, but … Continue reading

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My Simien Sandwich

Last summer ExploreDreamDiscover posted about his adventures in the Simien Mountains, reminding me how incredible they are. I went hiking in the Simien Mountains the year I spent two Christmases in Africa. I posted about the 25 December I spent … Continue reading

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Goat cutlets with peanut sauce

Goat is the most common meat in the Congo. The infrastructure isn’t good enough to sustain big agribusiness, so the overwhelming majority of food is local grown and locally consumed. In Kinshasa, a popular pastime is to go out with … Continue reading

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Christmas at the proles in Kinshasa

I spent my last two Christmases in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I had a wonderful Christmas at home this year. We had an incredible feast with cider glazed ham, stuffed turkey, potatoes roasted in duck fat, sweet roast pumpkin, green … Continue reading

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Kinshasa Breakfast | Breakfast in Kinshasa (petit déjeuner à Kin)

The first time I went to the Democratic Republic of Congo, I stayed with a Law Professor from the University of Kinshasa. He also spent some time on staff at the University of Portland in the United States. The head … Continue reading

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Gisenyi whitebait

In Gisenyi, I spent many wonderful hours watching, and listening to, fisherman that would row their boats out onto the lake at dusk. The boats would go out in threes and the fisherman would sing in tune to keep their … Continue reading

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Well it sure didn’t come out of a can… some tales of a globe trotting ‘travel eater’

Reading my latest Delicious Magazine, I was inspired by an article written by David Prior. The article was about Peru. Discussion of Peru was part of the inspiration for my recent post about potatoes. But what I found most inspiring was his … Continue reading

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The great coffee journey

Over the summer I embarked upon a girls’ own adventure, driving around Africa, with a dear friend of mine from high school. I did not invite my beloved partner to join us. In consolation, I thought it would be fun … Continue reading

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