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Chocolate chestnut brownies

Ever since my favourite pâtissier left the farmers market, I’ve been craving a really good chocolate brownie. I used to always buy mine from Dream Cuisine, and am quite lost without them. One of my favourite things about the winter … Continue reading

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Choc chip banana muffins

I have been craving choc chip banana muffins for over a week. I don’t quite know why, but there you have it. I bought up big at the banana stall at the farmers market last week and finally got around … Continue reading

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Chocolat inspired dinner party

Have you seen the film Chocolat? One day I really must read the book, by Joanne Harris. But it’s one of my top 25 favourite films of all time. I like all sorts of things about the film, including Johnny … Continue reading

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Chocolate caramel sandwich biscuits

I made an incredibly good batch of dulce de leche the other day. I normally make it from a tube of condensed milk. I’m often too impatient, and open it too soon.  But this time I used a tin of … Continue reading

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Chocolate éclairs with raspberry cream

I found some wonderful treasures in my grandparents’ kitchen recently. My Grandma passed away a long time ago now, but Grandpa kept most of the things she used. One of the more surprising treasures was what I’m calling an ‘éclair … Continue reading

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Chocolate cupcakes with whisky buttercream and walnuts

I made these grown up cupcakes for a friend of mine to celebrate his birthday. My preference is to make mini cupcakes. Perhaps it’s nice to have such fancy treats in small packages. I always think a standard shop sized … Continue reading

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Mandarin chocolate frangipane tart

I saw some beautiful daisy mandarins at the market a while back. They were lovely and small with a beautiful colour, but what really sold me on them was that they had a lovely tasting skin. It’s not often you … Continue reading

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I watched Chocolat again this evening. I enjoyed it so much the first time through I played it again. It’s one of my favourite films. I have 25 DVDs in my collection. If I want a new film, another must … Continue reading

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Homemade (Macadamia) Ferrero Rochers

I made these for Mother’s Day. It took some figuring out, but I’m very glad with the result. They were amazing. It’s a bit of a fiddle, but the effort will be worth the result if you want to impress … Continue reading

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Chocolate braised oxtail with roasted cauliflower and mashed potato

I was very glad when my nutritionist advised me to eat gelatinous cuts of meat. It seems gelatine is an anti-inflammatory, which is good for loads of people, including those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It’s also a great source of protein. … Continue reading

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