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Choc chip banana muffins

I have been craving choc chip banana muffins for over a week. I don’t quite know why, but there you have it. I bought up big at the banana stall at the farmers market last week and finally got around … Continue reading

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Buckwheat banana bread

I recently had an overripe banana on my kitchen counter, frowning at me the browner it got. It was quite late by the time I summoned the energy to do something about said banana. I think I was inspired by … Continue reading

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Canberra plum sauce

We are blessed in Canberra, town planners included many wonderful fruit bearing trees when they planned those that would line the suburban streets. There is one street in Braddon planted entirely with walnuts. There are several streets planted with plums. … Continue reading

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From wild apples to cider and apple jack

A while back I posted my recipe for wild apple jelly with mint and rosemary. Well that trip was quite an outing, and really epitomises why I love foraging. I had in fact been out picking wild apples because I’d … Continue reading

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Blood orange cordial

It was such a wonderful surprise to find a large box of Redbelly Citrus blood oranges on my doorstep last week. I do love blood oranges. I find them richer in flavour than other oranges, and what’s not to love … Continue reading

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Maple pecan muffins

I had the most joyful time at Soukup Farms watching them make maple syrup. I can’t get enough of that stuff. The darker grades of maple syrup are packed with the strongest maple flavour. By law, all grades of maple syrup … Continue reading

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Blue blueberry muffins

I had a wonderful weekend trip to the Clyde River Berry Farm. It’s a great place to visit, a nice day trip from Canberra. The berries are delicious. There are loads of beautiful blueberries. It’s fun to pick your own … Continue reading

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Fig and ricotta tarts

Oh how I love fresh figs. The season before last I made a fig and blue cheese tart. Last season I made fig puddings with honey caramel sauce. One of my favourite things to do with fresh figs is to eat … Continue reading

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Tropical pancakes

I love cooking for people with specific dietary needs. It forces me to be more creative. In the process I can get some really incredible dishes that are quite unique. This is one of these dishes. These pancakes are gluten … Continue reading

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Raspberry and almond chia pudding

A dear friend of mine came to visit me after years of not seeing each other. She’s vegan and gluten intolerant so I set about making all sorts of yummy things for us to eat including vegan Breton Galettes. I’d … Continue reading

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