Blue blueberry muffins

I had a wonderful weekend trip to the Clyde River Berry Farm. It’s a great place to visit, a nice day trip from Canberra. The berries are delicious. There are loads of beautiful blueberries. It’s fun to pick your own and they’re about half what you pay at the farmers market. Clyde River Berry Farm grow other goodies too though: strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries. I had a fun day with fellow blogger, Evangeline from Nil Barcode Food. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed it in the garden. I had a delicious house made berry ice cream for dessert.

I have been wanting to make naturally blue blueberry muffins for years and years; I was inspired when I saw someone making muffins with blue corn flour, of course the muffins came out blue coloured. I came home from Clyde River with loads of blueberries, so it seemed like the time to nut out the recipe.  I bought my blue corn meal online, from iHerb. I was very impressed with their selection and pricing. You need a banana, an orange and a good quantity of blueberries for these muffins, so they can’t be all bad for you. They certainly have a delicious, nutritious and fruity flavour. This recipe is gluten free and dairy free.

Blue blueberry muffins

Blue blueberry muffins


Makes 6 jumbo muffins

1 banana*
½ cup orange juice and pulp
2 free range eggs
¼ cup macadamia oil
¾ cup raw sugar*
½ cup almond meal
1 ¼ cups blue cornmeal
1 ½ cup blueberries
2 teaspoons baking powder

*If you use a very ripe banana, you can reduce the sugar content to 1/2 cup. The recipe is delicious with the flavour you get from a very ripe banana.

Mash the banana. Beat in the eggs, orange juice and macadamia oil. Add the sugar, blue cornmeal and almond meal and mix to combine. Leave the batter to rest for a few hours or overnight.

Preheat the oven to 180oC.

Fold the blueberries and baking powder through the batter and spoon it into lined muffin pans. Bake for 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the middle muffin comes out clean. Allow them to cool in the pan.

A happy muffin eater

A happy muffin eater

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4 Responses to Blue blueberry muffins

  1. With muffins like that, I’d probably want to get up early. 🙂

  2. Evangeline says:

    I’ve had these muffins. They are definitely delicious. The macadamia oil gave the muffins a nutty buttery flavour. I still can’t believe there’s no dairy in this!

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