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Apple, mint and rosemary jelly

For years, I’ve been wanting to pick the fruit of wild apple trees and make cider. I finally found some trees this week and picked over 7kg worth. I juiced the good fruit for the cider. I will make pork … Continue reading

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My Simien Sandwich

Last summer ExploreDreamDiscover posted about his adventures in the Simien Mountains, reminding me how incredible they are. I went hiking in the Simien Mountains the year I spent two Christmases in Africa. I posted about the 25 December I spent … Continue reading

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Homemade baked beans in the slow cooker

I have a paying guest staying in the spare room at the moment. He’s quite lovely, a wonderful story teller and has shown an appreciation for great food. He’s paid me to cook him breakfast each morning. I made eggs … Continue reading

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Wallaby tacos

Taco Tuesday went Australian this week, to celebrate this great land. I visited Hobart’s Farm Gate Market on Australia Day, and have been carrying on the theme all through the week. I was chuffed to meet Ross O’Meara from Bruny … Continue reading

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Chicken and ham pie

I made ham stock with the Christmas ham bone. I thought about making my yummy bright green pea and ham soup, but there wasn’t much ham meat to come off the bone. I’ve been rereading Harry Potter over the summer. … Continue reading

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Chicken and corn quesadilla with salad

This dish was great. I am impressed with the balance between the rich and creamy quesadilla filling and the fresh and tangy salad. This is what I understand to be the essence of good Mexican cooking. I cooked this dish … Continue reading

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