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Pumpkin Juice

In the world of witchcraft and wizardry, pumpkin juice seems to fill the same role orange juice does in the muggle world. It is served at breakfast, lunch, a feast or any other occasion. In the Chamber of Secrets, when … Continue reading

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From wild apples to cider and apple jack

A while back I posted my recipe for wild apple jelly with mint and rosemary. Well that trip was quite an outing, and really epitomises why I love foraging. I had in fact been out picking wild apples because I’d … Continue reading

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Haw-sin sauce

I don’t know if you’ve seen The Canberra Times today, but I’m in it. I’m pretty excited. Susan Parsons wrote a lovely piece on my foraging for her Kitchen Garden column in Food & Wine. In honour of the occasion … Continue reading

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Pumpkin pickle

I was overjoyed to finally make it to the Collector Pumpkin Festival this year. I have wanted to go every year since arriving in Canberra over 5 years ago. I was very lucky to have a particularly wonderful Airbnb guest … Continue reading

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Apple, mint and rosemary jelly

For years, I’ve been wanting to pick the fruit of wild apple trees and make cider. I finally found some trees this week and picked over 7kg worth. I juiced the good fruit for the cider. I will make pork … Continue reading

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Maple pecan muffins

I had the most joyful time at Soukup Farms watching them make maple syrup. I can’t get enough of that stuff. The darker grades of maple syrup are packed with the strongest maple flavour. By law, all grades of maple syrup … Continue reading

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Pulled beef tacos with pickled beetroot

I’ve had some success with naturally fermented food and am learning loads about how ridiculously nutritious they are. It’s the lactobacillus bacteria that are wonderful for your digestive system. With my overall health not great, I’ve decided to do my … Continue reading

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Mushroom and chestnut soup with crisp toppings

Did you know there are two mushroom farms on the doorstep of the ACT? Majestic Mushrooms of Murrumbateman and Canberra Mushrooms of Yass are both farmed within 50 kilometres of Canberra. In terms of food miles, that’s pretty damn good. … Continue reading

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Autumnal fruit slice

I love it when a plan for leftovers works out this well. We had a great selection of autumn fruit in the bowl needing to be used. There were quinces from Moyston’s wild quince tree; pears from the farm’s orchard; … Continue reading

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 I love picking blackberries

Call me crazy, fighting with all those thorny brambles, but I love picking blackberries. Recently, on days when I’ve really had to fight the system, having to put lots of energy in but getting nothing out; I found some kind … Continue reading

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