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Wild rice paper rolls

I was recently inspired by a Food for Hunters post on Vietnamese Spring Rolls filled with teal. I knew I had to make an Australian wild food version of this delicious Vietnamese favourite. I wanted to fill them with yabbies … Continue reading

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Prawn tacos with fresh slaw

I have been wanting to make prawn tacos for ages. I was stoked to get some fresh prawns from the farmers market on the weekend. They may have come all the way from Lakes Entrance, but at least I knew … Continue reading

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Parsley ravioli filled with fish and capers

It can be hard to source really fresh fish in Canberra from trustworthy sources. My favourite place to get fish is from Narooma Seafood Direct at the Capital Region Farmers Market. Narooma Seafood is a family business. Vicki and Hayley … Continue reading

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Cacao cured tuna

This is a dish I developed for the Chocolat inspired dinner party I posted about a while ago. It is a truly inspired dish. It is light on the palette and beautifully complex with surprising fruit and floral notes. It … Continue reading

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Trout and wild fennel paste

I was recently blessed to be given a whole, beautiful and rather large trout that was freshly caught on the west coast of Tasmania. I was stoked about it. I knew I’d get several meals from it. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Black snapper and tabbouleh pita

  I am very glad there’s a new seafood stall at the Capital Region Farmers Market. Narooma Seafood Direct are a family operation. They own a boat and catch fish. Now they also bring it to Canberra and sell it … Continue reading

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Squid ink spaghetti with baby octopus, roasted tomatoes, lemon and chilli

This is one of the best meals I’ve eaten in quite some time. Dish it up sell some spectacular pasta at the Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra. As soon as I realised Sue made squid ink spaghetti I told her … Continue reading

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Scrambled eggs with celery heart and smoked trout

The heart of the celery is underrated. I love the pale tender shoots and leaves that come from the middle of the celery and I think they pair perfectly with trout. For Easter a couple of years ago, my friend … Continue reading

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Octopus, pomegranate and rocket salad

I spied a bottle of beautiful looking octopus at my local store yesterday. The label identified it as ‘marinaded octopus.’ It was made by a local Greek company called Yiannos Catering. It looked like real food, with beautiful chunks of … Continue reading

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Sweet corn and salmon soup with sorrel

This is a delicious recipe of waste not want not. I picked up a few pointers from The Fire House Chef that I’ve incorporated here. Firstly, I did not realise that there was loads of corn flavour in the cob … Continue reading

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