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Black sapote mousse with chilli vanilla toffee

I have been wanting to try black sapote for years. It’s a type of persimmon native to Mexico. I first heard it called chocolate pudding fruit. What’s not to love about that? I nearly had kittens when I saw a … Continue reading

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Three sisters tacos

Have you heard of the three sisters? It’s a gardening technique used by native Americans. First they plant corn. When the corn is established, they plant beans that climb the strong corn stems and steady the corn in strong winds. … Continue reading

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Prawn tacos with fresh slaw

I have been wanting to make prawn tacos for ages. I was stoked to get some fresh prawns from the farmers market on the weekend. They may have come all the way from Lakes Entrance, but at least I knew … Continue reading

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Turkey tacos with chilli capsicum salsa

It’s Taco Tuesday! Have you been joining in the tradition? I do think it is worth it. This little number makes for a great budget dinner. Turkey wings are delicious, tasty, and perfect for tacos. I slow cooked the wings … Continue reading

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Pulled beef tacos with pickled beetroot

I’ve had some success with naturally fermented food and am learning loads about how ridiculously nutritious they are. It’s the lactobacillus bacteria that are wonderful for your digestive system. With my overall health not great, I’ve decided to do my … Continue reading

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Wallaby tacos

Taco Tuesday went Australian this week, to celebrate this great land. I visited Hobart’s Farm Gate Market on Australia Day, and have been carrying on the theme all through the week. I was chuffed to meet Ross O’Meara from Bruny … Continue reading

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Goat tacos

Goat is a very sustainable meat. Goats are browsers, rather than grazers like cows, they don’t tear out root systems and deplete the soil of nutrient rich grasses when feeding. Goats turn weeds into meat. Studies have shown goat diet … Continue reading

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Seriously tasty chicken tacos

This week for Taco Tuesday I pulled some free range chicken thighs and drumsticks out of the freezer and paired them with New Mexico chillis. New Mexico chillis have a fruity, berry flavour. In this weather, they will pair beautifully … Continue reading

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Beef shin tacos

I have a (relatively) new tradition in my house. It’s Taco Tuesday. Since discovering the wonders of dry meat cooked in my slow cooker, I’ve been adding wonderful chillies to cheap cuts of meat in the slow cooker. I let … Continue reading

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Beef tacos

I’ve had this chuck steak in the freezer for a while now. When I saw the lovely radishes on sale at Windellama Organics at the Capital Region Farmers Market on Saturday, I had to buy them and make beef tacos. … Continue reading

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