Moroccan goat wraps

This is a Moroccan inspired dish. It’s not traditional, but I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on how authentic it is. I found some wild goat meat for sale at the Capital Region Farmers Market and bought a shoulder for a bargain $13. After the wonderful slow roasted lamb shoulder I made, I knew I wanted to cook the goat in the slow cooker. I mixed up some ras el hanout (feel free to buy it though) to rub on the meat and found what I think is the perfect combination flavours to serve in flat bread with the goat. I’ve posted the recipe for the tomato and preserved lemon salad separatelyHarissa usually comes as a paste, but I keep a powder mix from Gewurzhaus in my pantry. I mixed that up according to the packet directions. You could also include some thick natural yoghurt or labne if you like. I think they were delicious without though.

Moroccan goat wraps

Moroccan goat wraps

Serves 3 (approximately)

1-2 tablespoons ras el hanout
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 kilogram (approx.) wild goat shoulder on the bone
1 quantity tomato and preserved lemon salad
2 tablespoons harissa paste
6 (approximately) flat bread of your choice
thick natural yoghurt or labne (optional)

Rub the goat shoulder with ras el hanout and olive oil. Refrigerate overnight. In the morning Brown the shoulder as best you can in a hot frying pan. Transfer the meat to the slow cooker, cover, and cook on the ‘high’ setting for approximately six hours.

To serve, warm a flat bread in a dry frying pan. Spread the flat bread with harissa to taste. Pull large chunks of goat meat from the bone and arrange in the wrap, then top with tomato and preserved lemon salad and yoghurt or labne if using.

Serve immediately.


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